Friday, July 27, 2012

La Finca has WEEDS!

Not to surprising that most farms & gardens have weeds. Some are beneficial some aren't. So begins the identification of some of the weeds at La Finca.

Asclepias  better known as Milkweed:
  •   Milkweed is a common folk remedy used for the clotting of small wounds and the removal of warts. Milkweed sap is applied directly to the wart several times daily until the wart falls off.
  • Milkweed is beneficial to nearby plants, repelling some pests, especially wireworms.
  • Milkweed sap is also externally used as a natural remedy for poison ivy.
  • Being the sole food source of monarch butterfly larvae, the plant is often used in butterfly gardening
  • In a garden, milkweed flowers will produce a strong and beautiful fragrance that will be as powerful as in any other flower.

    Happy weed hunting farmers.

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