About La Finca del Sur

Our Name:
"La Finca del Sur" translates from Spanish as "Farm of the South". We chose this name to reflect the Latina/o heritage of many of our farmers, as well as many members of the South Bronx Community. In addition, we wanted to tie together our location in the South Bronx, with the heritage that many South Bronx residents tie to the Southern United States as well as the Global South. 

Our Organization:
There are several facets to our organization. We have a board of advisers, which is made up of 5 members, the majority of whom are women, and self-identify as Black or Latina. Our board is non-hierarchical, because we choose to promote equality by acknowledging that each of us contributes something unique yet essential to the operations of our project. 

In addition, we have a highly valuable group of members and core volunteers. These are individuals and families who contribute regularly to the farm, through volunteer time and/or leadership. Core members are invited to join us at planning meetings, and to help guide the trajectory of the farm. They are welcome to take on a variety of leadership roles, such as outreach, event planning, grant-writing, farm planning, and volunteer coordination. 

Finally, we are surrounded by a vast network of volunteers and supporters. These individuals may only visit the farm once, but in so doing, they share their energy, hard work, and spirit with our project. 

We always welcome new participants at all levels. While our project is intended to create leadership opportunities and empowerment for women of color, we also welcome all those who are driven by solidarity for our mission. 

Our History:
Founded in the late winter of 2009, La Finca del Sur was the brainchild of a number of individuals and organizations working in the South Bronx. These groups had a vision that an empty, unsightly lot on 138th Street could become a beautiful, community-led farm. With the guidance and support of MoreGardens!, a group of volunteers was mobilized, and La Finca del Sur was born. 

In 2010, La Finca del Sur incorporated as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, whose goal is to address issues of food access, environmental justice, and community empowerment for women of color and their allies in the South Bronx - and to tie these issues to broader systemic inequalities and global justice. 

We are grateful to all of the individuals and organizations who have provided their vision, guidance, time, and effort to shaping our work.