Monday, June 28, 2010


Hello La Finca Members, Volunteers, and Supporters!


You can now rent your own planting bed at LA FINCA DEL SUR!

Please read below for more details:

La Finca Del Sur is opening it's doors to allowing individuals a chance at their OWN garden plot! We ARE NOW OPEN to taking applications for community plots!

The plot for the 2010 planting season is $20 per year--from June to October 30th. If you would like a plot, please contact us at or 646-725-2162. Priority
given to local residents.

All parties interested in renting a bed, please read and fill out the following:

I, ____________________________________________________ agree to rent a planting bed from La Finca Del Sur for the months of June -Oct 31st for the planting season of 2010. I understand that I will pay the amount of _______________________ for this year, and that this amount may change for future years.

I also understand that:

1. I am required to maintain my own plot ONLY, and that La Finca Del Sur and other members are not responsible for for my plot.
2. I will work on my plot during planned work days, as described by La Finca Del Sur.
3. I am ALSO REQUIRED to volunteer for 6 HOURS a month in maintaining the farm. These hours are in addition to any hours I wish to take care of my own plot.
4. I AM REQUIRED to attend at LEAST ONE FARM MEETING a month.
5. I may NOT use any other plots other than my own.
6. I will conduct myself in an appropriate manner on the farm. This includes acting in a courteous manner towards other members and volunteers, keeping my plot area generally tidy, and refraining from vandalism or destruction of all parts of the farm.

I understand that my PLOT WILL BE REVOKED IF:

1. I abandon the plot, or keep the area untidy.
2. Do NOT volunteer for 6 additional hours required by La Finca Del Sur, besides my own gardening time.
3. DO NOT attend a farm meeting once a month.
4. Behave in a threatening or badly behaved manner towards other members and staff, damage another member’s bed, knowingly vandalize or mistreat property or equipment, steal property or equipment.

I understand the above, and agree to all policies

Signature ______________________________________ Print Name: ___________________________

Date: __________________________________________

ANY QUESTIONS or COMMENTS please email or call 918-880-8159

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