Sunday, July 26, 2009

Collective Efforts

This community is strong

It is yours it is ours

We are strong

Our strength shows in numbers

Love is endless

Fruits of our labor germinate from sewn seeds of hope

Blossoming into lillies

Our love is in the oak trees

Sweat in our future dew melons

We are a cooperative

Working in harmony

Bringing talents far and wide to a place we call La Finca

It calls us

Throughout our day it calls us

We pick up where we left off to nuture it

Looking past soil tests and otherwise

We love it and it loves us

It gives us peace to know we touch lives

We love to have people stop by

We are seeking to GROW PEOPLE

Love people


Love Earth

Love understanding and the Intention thats brought us here

Our efforts do not go unrecognized

Our love cannot be shadowed

It illuminates and radiates through our pours when there are rainstorms

Our love is La Finca

Our love is this world and the people in it

Our love is for every person that was born as we where...

As bright-eyed naked human beings with all of the potential in the WORLD

So WE invite you

We are La Finca Del Sur...

Come visit our LOVE

Feel WELCOME with us

Let us share this LOVE with you

1 comment:

  1. Hi. I'd like to make an offer of compost, but I can't see on the blog any way to email someone directly. Perhaps you can let us know how to contact you?